cleaning up tree after strom

Cleaning up After Storms

We offer 24-hour emergency tree service and we have the equipment and experience to do the job right. Don’t hesitate, give us a call. We’ll get you through the emergency and follow up with the details to take care of all your unexpected mess.

We understand the need to give your property the respect and care it deserves. We specialize in working with your expectations in every way.

Sometimes we worry for years about a tree coming down and sometimes it falls and we had never even thought of it. Sometimes a tree manages to fall without damaging anything, sometimes it causes thousands of dollars of damage. The fact of the matter is, now it needs to be cleaned up.

Lofty Heights can do the job efficiently, safely, neatly and leave your home and property looking well taken care of.

tree fallen in yard

trimming a tree

broken tree

trimming a tree

tree trunk

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Great Job! They took a large White Ash down between our house and the neighbors. They worked over 2 houses, multiple power lines and 3 fences! No issues, perfect drops and an excellent cleanup job afterwards. They are very Professional and Safe!

-Bill Scully

tree trunk

tree down in yard