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Our Story

The Lofty Heights Tree care story begins with the Ernest Ebersole family. In the early years of Ernest and Sherilyn’s married life, Ernest worked for an arborist in the Shippensburg PA area. There he learned to love plant life, but especially trees. When the Fourth Avenue Mennonite Church opened its doors, Ernest and Sherilyn moved their young family into the community and took up the work Ernest had come to love. Through the years the focus moved away from logging and back to arborist work. Other men joined the crew. Today Lofty Heights Tree Care specializes in a wide range of services…anything related to trees.

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Great Job! They took a large White Ash down between our house and the neighbors. They worked over 2 houses, multiple power lines and 3 fences! No issues, perfect drops and an excellent cleanup job afterwards. They are very Professional and Safe!

-Bill Scully