cutting a tree down using safety gear

How We Stay Safe

At Lofty Heights Tree Care we place a high priority on safety. We care about the safety of our workers and we care about protecting your property.

Property protection

In order to protect your property we make extensive use of ropes. Our men understand what knots to make, and how to safely arrange roping off the tree so limbs that are cut can find their way safely to the ground and into the chipper. When it comes to felling the main trunk, we take great care to ensure the fall will be in such a way that it does not injure any valuable possessions.

Worker protection

We also care about the protection of our workers. For this reason we use the following advanced technologies:

Safety hard hats– from the moment we crawl out of our trucks and all the way through our time on your lot we wear safety hard hats. We understand how important it is to keep heads protected from any and all impact.

Safety communication–inside our helmets we have a communication system where we can communicate with each other. We have learned we must know what each other is about to do, so the man in the top of the tree can talk to the men on the ground. We cannot work with guesswork.

Chainsaw pants–Chainsaws are an integral part of working with wood, and chainsaws are extremely dangers to human limbs. For this reason, anyone working with a chainsaw will wear the heavy chaps that cover the legs for protection

man in tree

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Lofty Heights Tree Care did an amazing job and the men were very professional. They were very efficient at taking down a 35 to 40 ft. tree and leaving the area clean. Would definitely recommend this company.

-Nancy S